Our Services - Background Screening

Protecting Your Business Is Our #1 Goal

An online background check of your job applicants is a proven method of avoiding risk. From hiring thieves that steal or defraud - to allowing sexual predators to come in contact with with your customers and employees - checking the background of your applicant can avoid costly mistakes.  

Don't just assume that your applicant is being honest. Verify their background. Check their history. And then make your decision. 

And you can trust National Background Screening to help you do it. ​

Customized Packages

We put you in total control of your background screening products - because nobody knows your business like you do. We listen to your needs, and recommend only those products that are appropriate. Of course, we're happy to make recommendations that will meet your individual background check needs. And as your business changes, we can change with you. 

We have pre-employment background screening suggestions for the Oil and Gas industry, Transportation sector and even the Construction industry - whose employees and applicants often present special screening challenges caused by work forces spread out across multiple sites or states and work forces with high turnover.