National Background Screening Pricing, effective 01/01/2017. 

We can bundle services to provide discounted prices beyond the published price. 

Prices are subject to change, depending on jurisdiction.  

Deeper discounts are available for volume customers. These prices are available for registered users of our automated system. Register today!  

Not all services and searches are published here. If you have a specific need, please contact us for pricing and availability. 

SSN Name & Address History$7.00

Driving Records

We have the ability to obtain a driving record (MVR) for your applicant in all 50 states, and only charge you $5 over our cost. MVRs are returned instantly. 

$5.00 + State DMV Access Fee

Statewide Criminal Searches

Why are you paying your current provider a fee for every county searched? Most states have a central repository for criminal records, which we use whenever available. This service alone will reduce your costs when screening an applicant, and is generally more thorough because we check the entire state instead of one or two counties. 

$10.00 + State Access Fee

County Criminal Search

Of course, not all states offer a central repository for criminal records. So if your applicant has lived in a state that requires a county-by-county search, we have the ability to query individual courthouse through our technology platform or partnerships with courthouse researchers. 

$10.00 + County Access Fee

Credit Reports

Before hiring anybody that handles company funds or has access to sensitive financial or personal information, make sure they are not at risk of succumbing to the temptation of fraud, embezzlement or other criminal activity that can ruin your company and your reputation. 


Federal Criminal Search

When warranted, we can search your applicant through the US District Court system, where you'll find cases involving everything to money laundering to crimes against the United States.  


National Criminal Index

We search your applicant through an aggregated database that compiles hundreds of millions of criminal records from various databases (both current and historical) from around the country. We highly recommend this product as a companion to your state/county search. 


Global Security Watch List

Terrorism is an unfortunate fact of life in these times. Let us run your applicant's name through federal and international databases to make sure there's nothing you should know about. 


National Sex Offender List

We check your applicant through the US Department of Justice, as well as through the applicant's current state of residency. 


Personal Reference Checks

We can check with your applicant's list of references to see what they have to say about the person you're about to hire. You'd be surprised how honest some of them can be! 

$15.00 per reference

Prior Employment Verification

Have they been truthful about prior employment? Let us touch base with their prior employer to verify the information they've submitted on their application or resume. 

$15.00 per employer

Workers Compensation Check

A workers compensation claims check is a valuable tool for your Safety/Risk manager, and can identify the possibility of fraudulent claims. 

$10.00 + State Fee

Professional License Check

Is your skilled tradesman licensed with the state? Let us make sure that the electrician, plumber, nurse, etc., is licensed and has no disciplinary actions in their past. 


Drug Screening

We offer a wide array of drug screening products, from a simple 6-panel Non-DOT test that is returned in 2 hours or less - to a complete DOT Certified 7-Panel test that is reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. We have collection sites throughout the US via our partnership with Quest Diagnostics. 

$30 (6-Panel Non-DOT)