We proudly utilize the Tazworks platform, a world class infrastructure that allows us to handle companies of any size. The TazWorks system has fail-safe redundancies via multiple independent servers that ensure your data is always protected and available regardless of outages or interruptions.System infrastructure is constantly scanned and access is audited and recorded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.In accordance with screening industry best practices, every application server and data server is separate and independently protected making it the most security sensitive platform available. Every user’s permissions level is designated by the system administrator, ensuring access to sensitive data is only available to trusted users. Every transaction and communication is automatically encrypted and performed in TazWorks secure InstaScreen environment that safeguards against any potential threat. TazWorks system requires every user, client, and applicant to prove their identity beyond that of just a password and username, providing an extra layer of protection. 

Our expansive network of integrated partners is made possible by the strength of the Tazworks proprietary API/XML gateway. This connection tool is both flexible and highly adaptive, with the ability to support the incredible variety of communication standards and formats used by other businesses. In essence, we’ve gone to great lengths to give our clients all the tools they need. 

We strive to help business owners develop a solid background screening strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve employee retention, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Our Vision

Image of a handshake. National background Screening is a B2B partnership that provides national background checks.

Our Technology